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Ctrl.Me Robotics produces custom drones for the Film Industry and beyond. Our mission is to share the dedication and experiences from our team to the future advancement of multirotor hardware and software. Ctrl.Me makes multirotors simple.


Ctrl.Me’s team of Roboticists and Engineers can design custom or ready-to-fly multirotors. Build consultations are available for corporations and private citizens by appointment only. The only thing better than flying a multirotor itself is the service and attention reserved for your consultation.


Our goal is getting your multirotor in the air. If you bring your drone kit to our Venice office we can help you assemble it, even if the kit isn’t ours. Our premium service means that we’ll immediately replace any faulty parts, and our Flight Guarantee means that we have your back until your multirotor gets off the ground.


Ctrl.Me and Makerbot® are bringing American Manufacturing to the forefront of the multirotor world. Many of our parts started as small prototypes on set and grew into everyday solutions. In addition to prototypes, our team can produce custom prints and ultra-realistic renderings to visualize your product or design for any situation.


Explore the incredible world of multirotors through our online tutorials, social platforms or through our Venice Beach, California Headquarters. We host monthly events through our MeetUp groups including LA Drones & Multirotors and the LA Robotics Club. Our Roboticists and Engineers will teach you how to assemble your kit, create custom parts, repair your multirotor, maintain your craft and other essential multirotor tactics.


Capturing the highest quality aerials for still photography and video is key component to the passion behind why we fly. Ctrl.Me has a qualified team of pilots to assist you in taking the best aerial footage possible with current market offerings.


Ctrl.Me has a large inventory of multirotors and custom drones for your set or prop requirements. Transform your next production with futuristic settings from our fleet of rentals. In Flight telemetry and data for any production comes with each rental, the same setups we use for professional projects.


Video captured by our very own.

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